Octopus Energy is a little known energy company, but it is an energy company that everyone should know about because to cut a long review short, they're amazing. If you're looking for a review of Octopus Energy then here it is.

I switched to Octopus Energy for a number of reasons, first and foremost though I was fed up of having to wade through a myriad of confusing tariffs and rates to get the best deal. I wanted a supplier that kept it simple, gave me the best deal, and most importantly that I felt I could trust.

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The switching process

The switch to Octopus Energy was a breeze, I find it's easier to give my actual energy consumption details so I got out my latest bills from my previous supplier and typed them into the Octopus Energy website, they then gave me my options in terms of tarrif. They do offer a range of smart tariffs but to start with you need to switch to their normal ones and then you can change to the clever ones such as their Agile Octopus tarrif once you're switched.

Once you've placed your order and signed up it's just a waiting game, at some point they'll ask for your meter readings and then it's job done. It really was incredibly simple and I didn't have to talk to my old supplier either so don't delay, just do it, you won't be dissapointed.

Green energy

There is no hiding from the fact that our planet has seen better days, we all need to do our bit to help the environment. Octopus Energy use 100% green electricity meaning it's sourced entirely from either the sun, wind, or water.

If you want to be even more green then Octopus Energy also give you the option to go super green and offset your natural gas to be carbon neutral as well. The cost isn't a lot more and it's another tiny thing we can do to help the planet a little bit. There is no planet B after all!

If you want to have a completely green energy supplier then Octopus Energy is where you should be looking.

Switch to Octopus Energy for green energy and receive £50

Customer service

The customer service at Octopus Energy is incredible. I like that I can phone them and a person answers rather than a complicated menu or a robot, and I can drop them an email and someone gets back to me right away with genuinly helpful advice rather than something completly unrelated, unhelpful, or annoying like you might get from some providers who perhaps like to use overseas contact centres. With Octopus Energy you get first class service all of the time, and on the one occassion that their service wasn't perfect (And truth be told I wasn't really bothered as it seemed alright to me!) they gave me a credit to my bill to apologise! What more could you ask for?

Smart tarifs

Octopus Energy are leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors when it comes to innovation. They have an array of tarrifs that are innovative and forward looking.

The Octopus Go tarrif is ideal for electric vehicle owners and charges just 5p/kWh at night when you charge your car which is around 50% cheaper than a typical Economy 7 tarrif!

Even more innovative the Agile Octopus tarrif charges half hourly energy pricing tied to the actual wholesale price of electricity. Want to hear something really crazy? Sometimes the wholesale price of electricity goes negative if there is more generation than demand, and so Agile Octopus customers can get paid to use electricity! They even send an SMS to tell you when this happens, and for the really nerdy amongst us have an API and IFFT integration so you can automatically turn on the high power devices in your home and make the most of the better than free electricity.

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Summary review of Octopus Energy

To summarise, Octopus Energy are a breath of fresh air (literally) in the industry. They offer truly innovative tariffs, great prices, 100% green electricity (and carbon neutral gas) all backed up with amazing customer service. I honestly cannot recommend them highly enough, I would urge you to switch right away.

I have put sign up buttons through this review, but if you sign up today through my referral link you receive a £50 credit to your account, although to be perfectly clear I will also receive a referral credit of the same amount. Rest assured though, I'd recommend Octopus Energy even if I wasn't getting a referral bonus, they are an excellent supplier and I have no intention of ever switching from them.

Switch to Octopus Energy today and receive £50