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I've been a customer of Octopus Energy since 2019 when I signed up following a documentary starring David Attenborough. I realised then that I needed to do more about caring for the environmennt and switching my energy to a green supplier is the quickest, simplest, and most effective thing you can do.

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Get paid to use electricity! Yes, you heard me, paid.

Octopus Energy are a truly innovative energy supplier, pioneering not just clean energy, but smart energy too.

With the use of a smart meter I am billed for my electricty based on my real time usage, and I can see in real time on my in-home display how much energy I am using and how much it costs. With the Octopus Agile tarriff that I am on my energy price is real time and changes every 30 minutes so I don't have any estimated bills or higher than necessary average energy pricing through the whole day, I have real time, real cost energy pricing.

What this means is that sometimes energy is really cheap, particularly off peak, and sometimes it costs a bit more. But even better sometimes when there is way tooo much electricity around, the energy price goes negative! That's right, there are occassions normally once or twice a month when the energy price is negative and you will literally be paid to use electricity!

There are also smart tariffs for electric car owners such as Octopus Go, where energy in the night is super cheap.

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