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Switch to Octopus Energy and earn £50

Octopus Energy is an energy company like no other, they have truly incredible customer service, they don't confuse you with endless tarrifs, and genuinely want to make things nice and simple.

Go green with Octopus Energy

When you switch to Octopus Energy you can be assured that 100% of your electricity is renewable, including no nuclear power. What's more, if you opt to go super green then Octopus will even carbon offset your natural gas consumption so you're heating can be green as well.

Plunge pricing and other such clever tarrifs

Octopus Energy are so much more than a regular provider, with their innovative smart tarrifs you can enjoy real time half hourly pricing that tracks real world energy costs. This means that sometimes your energy price can be negative! That's right you can be paid for using electricity (they even have an API and IFTTT integration for the nerds amongst us).

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I'm a very satisfied Octopus Energy customer, as an electric vehicle owner I love that I can charge my car at intelligent times based on real time energy prices, and what's more I can rest assured that my car travel is as green as can possibly be.

By using my referral links you earn £50 account credit once you make your first direct debit payment, to be clear though I also receive a £50 account credit, so this isn't entirely selfless. But rest assured that I am genuinely very very happy, if you aren't convinced get in touch and chat about it with me.

Switch your energy to Octopus Energy today and earn £50