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2022 in review.

What is most apparent writing this post, is that I don’t post enough to this blog. Whilst I have written many a blog this year, they all sit in draft status awaiting completion and so alas the few people who do read this blog are left waiting for a hastily written annual year in review, for this I can only apologise. So, what about 2022 then?

2021 – A reflection on the year and self.

Looking back at 2021 it would be easy for me to describe it as a horrible year, indeed many horrible things happened; ending a 15 year relationship is no small thing, and having to switch to sharing your child is not any smaller. I’ve struggled with my mental health, and at times I’ve felt desperately alone and found myself parked at the side of the road crying with no one within 100 miles to run too. Yet, on reflection I think 2021 has been a year of incredible personal growth and allowed me to rediscover who I am, find strength and comfort in my friends and family, and feel closer to friends and family than I ever have before.

GDPR and home CCTV

Accross the streets of the UK there are CCTV cameras everywhere; councils have it installed on street lights and camera poles up and down our high streets, businesses have it installed throughout shops and offices, even leisure centres have it installed in gyms and swimming pools. But no longer is CCTV the exclusive pervue of the commercial environment, increasingly you see CCTV cameras installed on the front of homes in the suburbs recording the comings and goings of home owners and would be ne’er-do-wells prowling suburban streets. The question is, how many of these home CCTV systems are legal? And what are the implications for not operating home CCTV legally?

Is TikTok safe?

Rising from the ashes of the short video social network TikTok is an unstoppable machine with over 1 billion users in 150 countries. In terms of user engagement TikTok is incredible, Jennifer Lopez has 45 million followers on Twitter and a video posted there got “just” 2 million views, the same video on TikTok to her mere 5 million followers garnered 71 million views! The magical AI powered algorithms of TikTok combined with the incredibly addictive nature of the app itself makes TikTok a force to be reckoned with that is popular with everyone regardless of age, gender, or orientation – there is a corner of TikTok for everyone. But the question all parents are asking themselves, is TikTok safe?

Challenging challenger bank: Starling Bank review

I have long been a person who was unhappy with the status quo of high street banks, they lacked vision and innovation. Furthermore they are slow and cumbersome thanks to deep rooted tradition and procedure from a bygone era of banking that grew from ledger books, cheques, and carbon paper. The advent of modern “fintech” so called challenger banks was a welcome breath of fresh air, however I am learning that with that breath of fresh air comes some downsides, particularly when it comes to my experience with Starling Bank.

Octopus Energy referral link

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